Structure of the library

• Department of storage, hygiene and restoration of funds
• Sector of account of users
 Department of maintenance of children of junior, middle and senior preschool age and students of 1-4 classes


• A department of maintenance of students is 5-6 classes, students 7-9 classes and organizers of child's reading:

Reading-room for students 5-9 classes and organizers of child's reading;
Department of delivery and work with cinemaphotofonodocuments
literature on questions an art

• Sector subscription for under-fives, students, 1-4, 5-6, 7-9 classes
• Department of forming and organization of funds and catalogues
• Department of advertising of book and library, organization of leisure, development of creative capabilities of users - children
• Department of informative and certificate - bibliographic services
• Department scientifically - consultative support of libraries, sociology, innovations and marketing
• Department of automation library - bibliographic processes:

Internet - center

• Book-keeping
• Department materially - technical providing and economic service