Volunteer Agency - library’s restless grannies

Зображення для новини 'Volunteer Agency - library’s restless grannies'

Lviv’s Regional Library for Children starts a new project: Volunteer’s Agency - library’s restless grannies.

The project aims to attract people of retirement’s age to actively volunteering in the children's library and provides reading books and telling stories for young readers, the assistance during homework, master classes of knitting, embroidery, help librarians in the organization of children’s leisure and other interesting things that our library’s restless grannies plan to engage. This cooperation will be bilateral: grannnies help children and children will help grannies.

Kids will teach them how to use the computer, use all the features of a mobile phone, chat on Skype with their friends or adult grandchildren, write e-mails etc. We invite all Lviv’s citizens of retirement age to join the agency who don't work and want to be a volunteer. Registration in Lviv’s regional library for children.

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