Partnership project with The Old Lion Publishing House «Library of a Small Lion»

The pleasant surprise for fans of the books from excellent of Lviv’s Publishing house «The old lion»! This year starts the joint partnership project with this publishing house called "The Library of a small Lion” in our library. From this time  all-embracing readers of small and large libraries in our region will know about the books of this publishing house!

The Aim of the project: books promotion of the most famous publishing house in Lviv, familiarization children – readers from district and rural libraries with the latest modern literature, organizing meetings with writers, librarians’ familiarization with active, unusual form. As well, promoting of literature by methodological support of activities.

Our partners

Логотип 'Освітня ГО «ЛАД»'

Освітня ГО «ЛАД»

Логотип 'Балади та романси Адама Міцкевича'

Балади та романси Адама Міцкевича